Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OMG HUGE NEWS: Pop Beauty Nail Glam Nail Polish Now Available In The States At Beauty 360!

Okay, so remember how almost a year ago to the DAMN DAY, I went to London and, while at the Oxford Circus Topshop, I paid WAY too much for some Pop Beauty Nail Glam nail polish, but it was worth every penny because it's my favorite nail polish ever, and then I got all drama face when I got home and discovered that Pop Beauty wasn't selling their polishes in the States, and it was like, either make it last or bribe someone abroad to buy me some from Topshop or (they won't ship it to the States! Boo!) and ship it?

WELL... Pop Beauty Nail Glam nail polish is NOW AVAILABLE IN THE STATES! Not widely available... yet..., but they are available at CVS Beauty 360 stores -- sort of like CVS' answer to Sephora, and I ain't mad at that, and it's still closer than London (well, at least the DC location is.)

Apparently the same colors as in the UK are available in the US:
Berry- Soft berry
Black- Intense ink
Black Grass- Fluro green
Icing- Pale pearlised pink
O'Boy- Perfectly nude
Ocean- Irridescent sea blue
Orange- Fluro Orange
Pinky- Hot,Hot pink
Platinum- Iridescent
Silver Sparkly- Metallic sheen pink
Strawberry- Classic orange red
Tomato- Classic blue red
Turquoise- Fluro Blue
Violetta- Fluro purple
Wine- Velvet burgundy
Xmas- Ruby red with red glitter

There are only two Beauty 360 stores so far -- one in Washington DC at 1350 Connecticut Avenue NW in Dupont Circle, and the other at 25272 Marguerite Parkway in Mission Viejo, CA. I'm not totally sure if you can buy online, but I'll supersleuth it.

BTW, below is a list of the other brands available at the Beauty 360 stores -- I'm most stoked for the Dr. Brandt, Laura Geller, Borba, Fusion Beauty and the Juicy Couture fragrances. Also, it looks like more 360 stores are in the works this year. (CVS people, if you're reading this, Court Street in Brooklyn could so use one!) Yay for affordable beauty, no? And YAAAAAAY for more Pop Beauty Nail Glam!

Dr. Brandt Skincare
Laura Geller
Paula Dorf
Freeze 24.7
Canyon Ranch
Fusion Beauty
Clarins Fragrance
Caron Paris
Coty Fragrance
Elizabeth Arden Fragrance
It Cosmetics
Juicy Couture Fragrance
Me Bath
Tini Beauty
Mineral Essence
P&G fragrance
Pop Beauty

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