Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adidas Unveiled Future Sneakers

Adidas unveiled the future sneakers through the "All Day I Dream About Sneakers" project. In collaboration with Lifelounge, the said project showcases the story behind the designs of the futuristic sneakers as Herr Fritz Träumer created them. Träumer looked beyond their athletic function and humble appearance resulting to visions of sneakers that were truly out of this world.

Adidas Robot and Adidas Limo

Adidas Synth and Adidas Tree

Adidas Cloud and Adidas Chameleon

Adidas Defense and Adidas Midas

Adidas Airbag

In addition to this great collection Lifelounge and Adidas have published a limited edition book that exclusively available at sneaker retailers around Australia and New Zealand. It features the excerpts from Träumer's private journals and imagery of his unique sneaker creations. You can download the pdf copy of the book here.

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