Thursday, October 16, 2008

Purple haze all in my brain

I am slowly becoming obsessed by the colour purple, I even dream purple. Ever since EJ challenged me to wear more colour in my every day outfits I have increasingly given thought to colour but I'm stuck on one in particular, purple. My mind was recently blown when EJ flaunted and taunted me with her Uniqlo purchase of purple jeans and then once again when I came across the Visvim's 08 Winter Hockney Collection and the gift of a purple offering. Be warned I might just start rocking all purple ensembles...

Purple Haze Style, clockwise from top left: Ann Demeulemeester Purple Jacket, uniqlo purple jeans, Visvim's 08 Winter Hockney Collection and thecablog's hat which I might just steal one day.

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