Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another way to procrastinate...

The Internet is a wonderful yet dangerous place as it fuels my innate desire to procrastinate from all forms of real work (one of these days it might get me into trouble but until that day I'm just going to enjoy where my whims take me). The latest procrastination gift came in the form of online magazine Scoute which focuses on fashion, travel and culture. The magazine published its first issue in May (so I can raid the archives and keep myself busy) and I love the format and most importantly the focused attention it gives to menswear. The latest issue introduced me to Boris Bidjan Saberi, a menswear designer with a distinct style and keen eye for detail and finish who has up until now passed under my radar. Scoute informs me that Saberi has presented his collections since s/s 08 at the Barcelona fashion week, and in fall 2008 his garments started reaching stores such as L'Eclaireur in Paris and Darklands, Berlin....his desire for nothing but perfection might limit his garments availability but we can't begrudge him on this.

Scoute talked to the designer in Barcelona about his background and work, you can read the article here.

Tomorrow whilst raiding the archives I will read up on the magazine's guide to shopping in the weekend I hope to have booked my Eurostar tickets to explore the coolest Flemish city in Belgium. Happy procrastinating to you all!

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