Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kooba Kooba Kooba!

Ladies of New York City, get thee to the Kooba sample sale! I stopped by yesterday at three (after they were closed for an hour, presumably restocking) and cleaned up. They had a bunch of current-season bags (like the Gracie) for around $175 or so, but the real deals were to be had in a tiny room off the main one. There they had boxes of sample bags going for $60, and a ton of belts for $20 each. Some of the bags were horribly stained, some were missing straps, and some (like the ones I got) just had minor stitching problems that can probably be repaired (or just hidden). For 10% of the retail price, I can deal with a little loose stitching on the back of the bag. Here's what I scored:

The Sydney shoulder bag but in black (couldn't find a picture of it in black). Looks tough. LOVE IT. And again, only $60! (Note: cat just found the loose thread. Must fix immediately).

The Sienna bag but in plum (ditto). As soon as I picked this up a lady behind me said, "Oh, I was going for that one." Oh, were you? Sorry! Mine all mine!

This one, the Avery tote, got away, which is to say, I stalked it on the arm of a fellow shopper hoping she'd reject it (which is how I got the black one), but no dice. Maybe tomorrow?!

This is a shitty picture of one of the belts I got, which retails for $200 but is sample selling for $20. So flattering.

They also had lots of leather jackets starting at $150, many with the oh-so-annoying cropped sleeve.

So basically that was a pretty fantastic use of a shitting-rain late lunch hour. Recommended!

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