Monday, October 20, 2008

Fashion Cell Phones: The Must-Have Accessory For Every Fashionista

Nothing is constant in the fashion world. What's fashionable now will not be fashionable tomorrow. Fashion trends change from season to season, cell phone trends evolve and change all the time as well. Hence, cell phones can be categorized as fashion accessories nowadays.

Over the years, we've seen cell phones blink, sparkle, light up, and we've even seen them came in different sizes and colors. Some fashionistas and other fashion-forward individuals choose a cell phone without really making a big deal out of ring tones, instant messages or megapixels. Instead they are more concerned with the phone's design and what it looks like.

With all the cell phones sprouting around just like mushrooms, how do we know what's in and what's out? Checkout the following "Fashion Cell Phones" as compiled by 611 Connect site. These fashionable gadgets are not just beautiful to look at but theyalso have the features that you'll probably want and need.

Slider Phones

When the flip phones were released, the public went gaga over them. Perhaps, people were fascinated with their slim-clamshell form. Today, slider phones are the new flip phones.

LG Chocolate and LG Prada

LG Shine and Nokia 8800

Candybar Phones
Fashion addicts will definitely love candybar phones. I am not referring to the "candybar" style but to the candybar colors. Enjoy these cellphones with vibrant splash of colors.

Nokia 7310 Supernova and Nokia 7900 Prism

Motorola RAZR V3xx and Motorola RAZR2 V9

Sanyo Katana DLX and Sanyo Katana LX

Touchscreen Displays

According to 611 connect, even though iPhone are not considered as fashion icon for most people, " iPhone is an elegant and sexy handset in its own right. The combination of high-end features and elegant design makes the iPhone arguably the most popular fashion phone on the market."

Multimedia: Music and Camera

Mobile phones are not just used for making and answering phone calls. Pictures and music are important too.

Giorgio Armani Samsung P520

Visit the 611 connect site to view more fashion cell phones that are categorized by manufacturer.

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