Friday, July 23, 2010

Ana Barbara and Talina Discuss 'El Pirru' and Levy's Children - According to Mira Magazine, Ana Barbara and Talina Fernandez had a private meeting to discuss Jose Maria Fernandez 'El Pirru' and the future of his and Mariana Levy's children Talina's grandchildren, who used to live with him and Ana Barbara when they were still married.

Ana Barbara was supposed to give Talina some advice regarding Paula and Jose Emilio. They also wanted to discuss how she could stay in contact with them. There have been rumors that the grupero singer didn't treat Mariana's children the same way she treats her biological son.

It is also being said that Talina is willing to take care of Paula and Jose Emilio if she gets legal custody, just as she did with Maria - Levy's older daughter from her marriage to Ariel Lopez Padilla- who has lived with Talina ever since Levy died as a result of a heart attack she had while being robbed.

Apparently, Ana Barbara's conflicts with her ex-husband 'El Pirru' were due to their finances. According to Mira Magazine's source the grupero singer had to pay for her step children's education while 'El Pirru' "just wants to enjoy life and party all day because he is very passionate," in Ana Barbara's own words.

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