Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Short But Sweet Interview With Angelina Jolie

A Short But Sweet Interview With Angelina Jolie - I guess Angelina Jolie wasn't in the mood to get too chatty when Us Magazine asked her several questions while she walked the red carpet for the 'Salt' premiere.

On possibly playing Cleopatra: "I would be honored, but we haven't gotten the script yet."

On filming 'Salt': "I had a great time being her. She is so many different people."

On whether or not her children will watch this new movie: "I can't show my kids movies where people are trying to kill me."

On whether or not Brad Pitt enjoyed the film: "He liked it."

I guess she didn't want to give them too much to run with considering they bash her relationship on a weekly basis. These celebrities HAVE to take it personally - don't you think?

Photos by INF

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