Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls

Oh I was quite the Blur fan as a youth. Marjan Pejoski is known for pushing gender boundaries in his collections and this collection is no different, however I've not been too drawn to the pieces until now. These looks are inspiring and most importantly wearable. Susie recently posted about this collection but I wanted to talk again about the menswear on offer. Yes the collection is pretty androgynous but I don't want to be sharing any of these pieces with her!

The AW/08 collection is something for guys and girls to swap, interchange and mix up in textures and shapes...

The beauty is (as always with good menswear) all in the cut and the drape. With a simple monochrome palette (although my favourite piece is the pistachio jacket), Pejoski is pushing menswear in ways other than colour. He is not afraid to play with the female silhouette, reforming it for the male, at times with spectacular results, at others interesting. Although it is stifling hot in London at the moment, I have to admit I am thinking about my next winter coat and Pejoski's outerwear is inspiring.

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