Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things That Smell Good & Getcha Clean: Fashionbinge's Retro Lush Gift Box Giveaway

I just got Lush's Retro Gift Box, and guess what? It smells like a freaking candy store of a supreme dream. And ALSO guess what? One of you lucky folks is gonna take it off my hands, because I'm giving it away in Fashionbinge's FIRST-EVER GIVEAWAY! (With the exception of the time we gave away tons of rad swag at our anniversary party).

Anyway, it looks like this:
M'kay? And inside are six sweet treats, including:
+ Uluru Bath Bomb
+ Bon Bomb Bath Bomb
+ Pineapple Grunt Soap
+ Red Rooster Soap
+ Slammer Shower Gel
+ Freeze Shower Gel

A few photos to illustrate the excitement:

The whole thing is worth $49.95, but FREE to the ONE lucky Binger who, in the comments section of this post, provides us with the most amusing example of something that smells good to you and why. It should be interesting and novel. Like "my cat's tummy" or "inflatable beach toys" or "croque madame." Not like "yummy baked cookies" because that's the obvious, low-hanging fruit shit. Keep it short and sweet -- like me!

Please leave your comment (again, put them in this post) by Wednesday, July 16 at 11:59pm EST, okay? (Believe me, we have BIG fancy EXPENSIVE lawyers checking to make sure you're following those super highly specific legal restrictions and regulations.)

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