Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back with the help of Penthouse

First things first, we hope you all had a very Merry Festive Break! Secondly, as we prepare to bid farewell to 2008 our thoughts are often preoccupied by the promise of a New Year (I was reliably informed by Charlie Brooker that they will call this new year 2009...to be honest with you I'm a little disappointed, my fingers were crossed for it to be named Steve...the Year of Steve has a much better ring to it) but lets be different. We often look forward at this stage in the year but one of my Christmas presents has helped me challenge this usual festive occurrence and I've decided to swivel my neck owl like and look back...way back. The presents in question were two old issues of Penthouse - The Magazine for Men (from 1968 and 1969 respectively). and unfortunately, it is safe to say that they don't make them like that anymore. The content is wonderfully diverse, for example articles include; an interview with Steve Abrams who champions the campaign to legalise cannabis, The Promiscuity Myth which discusses how homosapiens have always 'gone in for' marriage, The Do-It-Yourself Capitalist, an interview with Otto Von Habsburg who was once heir to the Austro-Hungrarian empire and became a political author and lecturer. I would love to unearth a magazine which covered such an eclectic mix of issues today (with the odd shot of a natural breast or two thrown in as well) but for now I will just have to settle for Monocle but will write to Tyler Brûlé in the New Year requesting a few bare breasts. As well as great articles there are a couple of interesting editorials, not to mention a few classic advertisements which will provide inspiration for the coming year.

Apologies for the poor image quality (I really need to invest in a scanner)...

Skin Game is my favourite editorial and sees a wonderful combination of monochrome, smoky /soft focus shots with sheepskin jackets and a pigskin suede trench coat. Accompanying the imagery was the following blurb which seems hell bent on ensuring the readers knows where the materials came from...Button out the cold this winter in sheepskin and suede. Bulk has been sheared away with body-shaping and closer-fitting cut. There are many exciting new colours this season, too. After all, once the original owner has died there is no reason why its and coat shouldn't be dyed, too - makes it more individual for the next owner. As for wear and warmth, that remains built-in. Lasts a lifetime-and it did for the previous owners.

I've never seen this many buckles in one shot...

Something Afoot
sees an organised pile of varied shoes used to breathe new life into the old adage that 'you can tell a gentlemen by his shoes' by suggesting that you can now (well since 1968) tell
that the gentlemen is in fashion. I adore this double page spread but rather than inspire me to put my best foot forward, I have to agree with the title that there is something afoot and it seems to be the penchant of double buckles and too much tanned leather...

There were just sooo many poses to choose from but here are two of my favourite looks

Get in the picture with ICI Fibres depicts Seth Cohen's style icon in an album of leisurewear made from a combination of relatively new fandangled fabrics ranging from bri-nylon, bri-nova and crimplene...but I love the poses more than anything else and will certainly try a few in my upcoming style posts...

So, rather than let your thoughts get distracted by the promises of tomorrow why not take some time out and have a look back at the past. You don't have to look at old porn magazines but I would certainly recommend it!

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