Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yoox Vintage Earrings I've Been Sweating For A Fortnight

Actually, more like three fortnights... Anyway, Yoox has had a selection of vintage jewelry for a while now, and I've been lurvin' all up on these blue '80s earrings more than I should probably admit. Like, slobbering and shit. They're clip-on (one strike against them), and $70, (strike two), therefore I'll continue to covet from afar.

($70, Yoox)

Also, Yoox is having a one-day-only 25% Christmas Day sale where they're taking 25% off (like I says!) on all of their Fall/ Winter merch. But again, it's ONE DAY ONLY! Use promo code YOOXMAS on December 25.

You COULD walk away with/ in these SERIOUS Lanvin heels -- currently $312, $234 with promo code discount!

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