Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bizarrre Fashion Trends As Seen On The Runway

Fashion trends are not constant. What is here today may be gone tomorrow and soon replaced by something else. With this kind of climate, designers must aim for a big splash in order to keep up. No wonder some designers hit the runways with a big bang and sometimes they shock their audience. Probably that's the best way to stand out and be recognized above the others.

Here's some of the bizarre fashion trends as spotted in the runways of London and Madrid Fashion Week

1. Big and puffy headdress: like a big red wig, roman centurions helmet, mickey mouse headband and a big hat with lace and flowers.

2. Motorbike helmets and pacman heads

3. Overly-bright and gloomy eyeshadows

4. Nasal cannula accessories

5. Weird dresses: flower stand dress, fiber-optics stuffed dress, folded paper gowns and peacock dress

6. Ribbon dresses

7. Scallop and bunny dresses

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