Saturday, September 27, 2008

Okay, Sorry. Even More Peacock Accessories

Actually, fuck it. No apologies. An obsession's an obsession. More peacock and peacock-inspired jewelry and accessories:
Pretty peacock vintage cloisonne bracelet with two purdy green glass bangles, all for $62. Good deal, no?

($26, Naughty Secretary Club)
A little literal, but fun in a bubbe way.

($75, Leila,
Absolutely love these (they're referred to as "peacock," for some reason, not sure why, but I'll take 'em!), and I wish I had a big-ass house with a whole room with wallpaper in this pattern.

And I'll take these:
($75, Leila,
I'd wear all six together. Well, at least four.

($110, Vita,
I'd definitely wear the peacock-blue and the yellow studded bracelets together.

($18, Elizabeth Normand, Etsy)
Cute, sweet little peacock feather hair clip. It'd look so sweet with your hair sort-of messy and half-up, you know? Just pluck it in there and go go go.

($465, Shultz,
This Shultz Bakelite bangle is driving me up a wall with ravenous envy. Too bad it's bonkers expensive (though it looks like it's almost on the cheaper end for Shultz Bakelite). I still say you guys OWE IT TO ME for all that $ I'm saving you, right? Sigh. This is so the kind of bracelet I WISH I could find at a flea market for like $8. Swoonfromafar!

+ More peacock fashions aqui!

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