Monday, September 22, 2008

Mad For This Cropped Leopard Jacket Because It's Sooooo Mad Men!

I LOVE me a sweet little leopard-print cropped jacket. There are about a million things it looks great with, and now that I've developed a full-blown addiction to Mad Men, I see little reason why Matthew Weiner shouldn't reward my enthusiasm and evangelism of his show with this very relevant cropped leopard-print jacket by What Comes Around Goes Around. Because Lawd knows, I can't afford its $495 price taggity tag. Bew.

($495, What Comes Around Goes Around, Active Endeavors)
Sure, this is an investment piece, but the price ain't exactly recession-friendly. Here are a few pieces that are:

($49, Newport News)
Only thing I'm not down with is the single-button enclosure. Creates a nightmare boob-tent situation for larger-chested ladies. But you C-cups on down, have at it.

($49, INC International, The Uber Shop)
Yay zebra prints!

($49, QVC)
I have a vintage Stuart Lang satin animal print top like this that I LOVE and wear all the time in the coldy months. Because it's so thin, it's perfect for wearing under cropped jackets (that aren't leopard-print, obvs). I like the side-tie here, and the shape of the top -- billowy, loose but feminine -- is so flattering. I'd give it a shot.

+ More of my Mad Men obsession in the form of Joan Holloway and Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession.

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