Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Steven Klein's Aggresive Photos For September Issue of Vogue Italy

After his aggressive photoshoot with Brad Pitt and Angelina, Steven Klein made another series of photos for the September issue of Vogue Italy. First he captured Guinness heiress, Daphne Guinness, in an amazing shoot for the editorial entitled "The Honorable Guinness" in the "Future Couture" supplement of the said magazine issue. In this dramatic shoot, Daphne is held hostage at gun point, watches a fellow model is burned on the pool lounge, and many more.

Secondly. Steven Klein was also responsible for the editorial photos of the magazine entitled "The New Warriors". It features models Jessica Stam, Caroline Trentini and Catherine McNeil in chic warrior pieces of fur, Lycra leggings, high waisted leather pleated pants and platform shoes. The set of photos includes a usually angry face of a model with Cubist face paint and the other models were seem to be fighting woth each other.

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