Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fashion War: Claire Danes vs Drew Barrymore (Gucci Jewelry Campaign Ads)

Last year, Gucci handpicked Drew Barrymore for their first ever Hollywood celebrity-featured campaign. This year, another Hollywood actress was chosen as the new face of Gucci Jewelry and she's no other than Claire Danes.

However, the new ads were not totally new. It had the same settings with Drew Barrymore's ads and the only difference is it's now Claire Danes with jewelry on the naked skin. Some say it's deja vu. Some say the idea was easy. But I will say, it's the profit that counts. Just like what Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini said last year: “Drew brought wonderful energy and excitement to this project, perhaps they are hoping to have that spark again this year.

Who's ads are better?


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