Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Most Fashionable Shoes of Summer 2008. Resuming the Going Off Season.

Riot of color is the hit of the season that is going off. It concerns not only footwear but clothes, bags and accessories. But still parti-coloured footwear and accessories remain in fashion this season as well.

Fabulous ladies footwear and modern handbags can easily transform and update an outfit. Never underestimate the power of the correct shoes for an outfit. Great shoes, sandals, boots or special ‘take notice of me’ shoes, like these affordable tie shoes right from Dorothy Perkins, can take an outfit into the modernest moment. Colored shoes are shoes of this moment from Dorothy Perkins, Giovanni Battista Martini, Marc Jacobs, Cole Haan, Goyard and Gucci.

See the full gallery HERE

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