Sunday, September 21, 2008

Even More Peacock Pretties: Dresses, Hair Pieces & More Peacock Plumed And Feathery Accessories I Crave (Including a Peacock Lamp, Even!)

I continue to adore these feathery treasures derived, inspired and sometimes taken directly from the lovely peacock -- and even a few from pheasants! Read on, won't you?

($128, Orion, Asos)
So sweet. Orion's a British label, and Modcloth sells a lot of their fun, flirty retro-inspired dresses, so go do that.

($398, Hayden-Harnett)
Oh Hayden-Harnett. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This ikat print dress isn't peacocky per se, but the colors are right there. And looooooky close -- leather trim says "Why yes, I will make charming conversation with you at this cocktail party, but I will also swear like a cot-damt sailor once I get a few old fashioneds in me!"

($29, Look From London, Asos)
Bold but would look really cute with like a dark denim mini and maybe a slender black cardi? Because sometimes you CAN mix brown and black!

($39, Bakers)
The "Reese" sandal from Bakers is a leeeeetle much of a much, but I still really like 'em. I saw a girl wearing them and they're MUCH cuter "in action," if you will. Also, this COULD be the world's FIRST gladiator peacock sandal!!!

($12.99, Honeydew, Modcloth)
If it seems like I have a serious bone for Modcloth, it's because I do. And it's so hard to find undies that straddle the fine line between boyshorts and bikinis. These seem to do the trick!

Brown's usually one of my least favorite colors, but the real peacock feathers on this brown satin clutch have me rethinking that.

($48, Pluma)
This headpiece is made of PHEASANT feathers, which totally flips the script on peacock feathers, changes the game, and takes this shit to a whole new level, to use three cliches in ONE sentence. I don't know that I can pull off headpieces -- actually wait. I KNOW I can, I just basically lack the hairstyling skills. But if I DID have those skills, I THINK I could rock this. I'd love to buy it, but I also know my cat would probably discover it and rekill it. That dick. Anyway, check out the rest of Pluma's gorgeous handmade feather headbands. They're all pheasant (I think), and they're all quite reasonably priced for such prettiness.

($25, Portobello, Etsy)
Love this little peacock headpiece too. A little more subtle.

Y'all, I even found peacock housewares, like this circle rug. I did, y'all! I really truly dit!

($302, Oasis, Neiman Marcus)
Someday, I will have an entire house filled with nothing but peacock lamps with orange lamp shades.

($16.90, Tracy Porter, Neiman Marcus)
One of my other MANY houses will be filled with obscenely affordable handpainted peacock salt and pepper shakers, like so.

+ The evolution of my rich peacock fashion lust...

Okay. I'm flying back from Vegas ANY minute now. I've survived nearly four hours and several crappy sandwiches. Gah! Can't wait to get back to the BK! And I DO NOT mean Burger King, people! (Though I would rip off someone's press-on nails right now for some Taco Bell.)

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