Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Can't See New York

It felt sorta shitty and wrong to post about anything over-the-top fashiony today. Instead, I passed this display on 34th Street today, and I figured this was as good as anything. New York, you strong, stinky paper tiger you, I still love you, your rough, gruff beauty, and everything you have to offer, including your $3 "leggins."

And speaking of New York-esssspensive, check out New York magazine's article about people leaving "The City" for cheaper, green pastures (I know, groundbreaking, right?). Still sucks nonetheless. And check out HeadHoods' "I Can't Afford to Love New York" shirt for -- wait for it -- just $14.99, so designer Clinton Van Gemert can keep on making his rad HeadHoods shirts. And living here.

Or, just be directly depressed with these:

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