Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fashion War: Maximalists vs Minimalists

What if two ladies will walk into a bar or a restaurant. One's dressed in black,white, navy, or gray and in lean, clean and understated fashion. The other's dressed in in layers, textures, embellishments, prints and clashing colors. How can each claim to be the best-dressed lady in the room? Because in matters of fashion, there will always be champions of simplicity (minimalists) and champions of excess (maximalists).

Before the debate begins, let me present to you the suggestion of Net-a-Porter site about this matter. Amidst the push and pull of maximalism and minimalism, we can try both and feel the power look. I guess we can call it maximin or minimax look.

Here's some images from the site...the different styles of minimalists and maximalists. You can visit the site to shop for the following looks.

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