Friday, September 26, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's Lips Belt Buckle

Uh, that almost sounded bad... anyway, Lindsey's lips belt is really cute. (BTdubs, she looks like Blake Lively in this photo.) I'm sure it's like a bazillion-dollar vintage Vivienne Westwood piece, but here's a more affordable down-market version:
Bucklecity -- city of buckles!

($16.95, Amazon)
Token sparkly lips.

From deep within the catacombs of this rando website comes a very mod lips belt buckle I'd totally wear under the right circumstances.

... Also, feel free to track down Lala (of Lala The Art Geek), who MADE this belt HERSELF!!!!
Maybe she'll sell it to you!
I would wear these fun dangly lips earrings under ANY circumstances.

Um, so yeah. The platform of these shoes also pull double duty as a TIP JAR! For PUTTING COINS INTO! For when you work EXTRA HARD at work... and earn... CHANGE! For working REALLY REALLY HARD. On a POLE! With NO PANTS ON!

And a lips chair -- in red or pink! -- for when you've tired yourself out collectin' pennies in your platforms all night, gurlz!

Oh yeah, lest we forget, the inimitable Lipps Inc's "Funkytown" video! Classic!

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