Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quickie Jewelry Binge: Patricia Field For HSN (Seriously), All The Way Up to Vivre!

Jewelry I really really want, in order of expensieness!

OK, this I already own, but this and a handful of other Alex + Chloe pieces are now on sale. So you can own 'em! For less!

($39.95, Patricia Field for HSN)
It's probably for the best that the black version of this is sold out, because I'd have definitely bought it, and the last thing I need is more costume jewelry. And seriously, I would've bought it. It's glass and it's gorgeous. And seriously, I LOVE Patricia Field's HSN collection!

($39.95, Patricia Field for HSN)
Combining my love of pyramid studs with my love for orange things!

($48.75, Kiel Mead,
The reminder ringer = simple, refined, elegant, AND practical! AND crafty-cool sewing blogger Shira (aka In the Sky & On the Road) has one too!

($650, Patricia von Musulin,
Hand-carved Lucite. Dying...

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