Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Really Feel Okay About The Patricia Field For Home Shopping Network Collection!

I really really am. No irony, no shame. Now, I'll be honest, I watched like four total episodes of Sex and the City. Couldn't stand the show, had no patience for it. Thought they were obnoxious trannies perpetuating obnoxious myths about city dwelling (though Friends did a good job of that too with that 24,000-square-foot apartment and mouse-free coffee shop), and their version of being in control of their lives was acting like men with inverted penises. And they looked like trannies.

But I DID like the Patricia Field element of the show, though I do absolutely realize she was single-handledly responsible for trannifying the ladies. Regardless, Patricia Field has always been a style hero of mine, and I truly love the funners that is her Destination Style New York collection for Home Shopping Network:

($149, Patricia Field, Home Shopping Network)
Yes, it's THE SARAH-JESSICA PARKER SEX AND THE CITY FLOWER SHOULDER CORSAGE dress, but in black, and I think I like it better in black, actually. Especially if you're not Sarah Jessica Parker-weensy:
Also, the HSN version isn't AS intense -- doesn't look like an entire garden is blossoming upon your shoulder and rising up to eat your face. And that's a good thing. Granted, the model is a WEEEE bit too '80s-ed up AND like an underaged Balkan prostie, but it'd be super fun to wear the black version to a party, no? I sorta wanna have it just so I can look at it in what's referred to as a closet, but is really just a small crack in my wall that I've shoved clothing into.

($149, Patricia Field, Home Shopping Network)
Sequins are HAWT now, y'all. If this were red or white or silver or something, that'd be bad bad bad, but I love it in black. Very Dynasty. Makes me wish I were Joan Collins and I could rip Linda Evans' head off.

($49, Patricia Field, Home Shopping Network)
Love these black skinny jeans the F on the butt. Hee! Great deal too, and they go up to size 32. Which is nice!

More Patricia Field FashionBinge lurves here.

Now, two pieces from Patricia Field's online shop...

($88, Andrew Hamilton Crawford, Patricia Field)
Again, last thing I need is more chunky rings, but I love this Buddha ring!

I didn't see the Sex and the City movie, but apparently trannyboy SaMANtha wore this, which wouldn't actually stop me from wearing it. It'd look so smooth with a little fitted blazer and tank.

Also, on a side note, I'm watching The Rachel Zoe Project right now. The episode where her studio floods. I love that she refers to that as a disaster. Um, now I'm not meteorologist, but wasn't Katrina a bit more of a disaster than a few couture gowns that need to be hung out to dry? Also, I love how, at Fashion Week, her token gay boy refers to the second row as "right behind the front row." Yes! Very good! And the alphabet consists of letters! Also, Rachel Zoe is like drowning is her own fat.

Finally, check out this amazing clip from Dynasty. By the time Joan Collins takes a spill down the stairs, you can TOTALLY tell it's a stunt woman in a wig. Classic.

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