Saturday, September 13, 2008

LeSportsac Sample Sale -- Apparently Sucky, Target Bodegas, Not Much Better, IMO

Hi guys. I'm back! Still recovering from my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG-ass trip to L.A. for the MTV VMAs, chasing Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel. It was an amazing and TIRING experience (like three - four hours of sleep per night but worth all the exhaustion), and I missed almost every second of Fashion Week. And seriously, it was SO hard for me to tell Marc Jacobs that I couldn't make it to his show. He almost cancelled it on my account, but I was like NO! Marc, girl, you look AMAZING, you're in LOVE, you're all fin de si├Ęcle ON DAT ASS with the elevated runway... you PULL YOURSELF UP BY THE GRUNGEY DOC BOOTSTRAPS AND YOU GET OUT THERE AND YOU SHOW THE WORLD YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BREAK THROUGH, MARC JACOBS! So he did it! I was stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel -- by the way I NO LONGER recommend that place because they're phasing out their Fresh products!!!!! I know! And their customer service is pretty crappy, and the carpets are dirty, and they have that dumb thing where the showers only have half a glass wall instead of a whole wall or at least a fucking shower curtain, so the entire bathroom floor gets soaked. And I assure you, I'm not even a hotel snob. Or at least I wasn't until I stayed there.

But speaking of Fresh, their Sugar Lemon Body Lotion, which I use as a facial moisturizier because it's too dear to use all over, is the best thing that's ever happened to my face:
($28, Fresh, Sephora)

Anyway, I did get back to NYC in time to attend the Target Bodega launch -- Target's popped up four Bullseye Bodega stores from September 13 - 15, packed with products that won't hit regular Target stores for another 45 days. (Locations here.)

I gotta be honest -- the design was the coolest part of it:Target wallpaper...

But the products were meh. With the exception, however, of the beauty products -- The 'Jay's totes stepped it up, and their new capsule beauty products have more of a Sephora feel. Napoleon Perdis products -- I freaked the fuck out over their mascara last month, and my love has only increased -- are there as are Jemma Kidd. However the Jonathan Saunders clothing felt and looked really cheap to me. More Jonathan Martin than Jonathan Saunders. Like they'd already been washed. Yuks. The Converse stuff was zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And some of the seasonal housewares felt like dollar store crap (roosters and turkeys? really?). The Michael Graves housewares and kitchen gear was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary there.

But by far the best thing going at the Target bodega was the Sigerson Morrison shoes -- real suede for under $40. Observe:
(Photo: Nitrolicious)
Great, great fun holiday shoes that remind me of the fun embellished "9 West" (from back when they were "9" and not "Nine") pumps my mom had from the early '80s. I also loved these:

Yet I bought none because I've bought about 432 pairs of shoes lately. Must show SOME restraint, people! Apparently the Sigerson Morrison shoes will be in select Targets October 12 and online around then too.

Oh yeah, we also saw Jerry Seinfeld and wifey at the party! Random! And I ran into an old friend, Mark Van Holden, who was shooting the event, which is the only reason me and my boyfriend got our photo snapped:

You know, because paps just follow us EVERYWHERE! I'd also like to point out the sad irony of popping up a store made to look like a bodega in areas of New York where bodegas can't even afford to stay in business. But, I love Target, and I'm a fucking hippocrite. Anyway, point is, the party was fun, but I really don't think that you need to rush out and hit up the Bullseye Bodegas. Seriously. If you miss it, you miss it. And that's coming from someone who lurves Target.

Anyway, I almost hit up the LeSportsac sample sale, but Racked's report that it was Le Sucksack prevented me from a'wastin' my times yesterday on my quasi-day-off. Thanks, guys! I'd just as soon stay home and buy this cuters mcghee bag off Karmaloop:
($88, LeSportsac, Karmaloop)
Tons of promo codes here. Also, that model's eyes are bugging me out.

Here's a photo of some Hollywood Boulevard "fashions" for you to consider. Bye for now! Much more to come but I gotta go to the gym and read about Obama to undo all the hurt I did from filling my body with avocado and bacon cheeseburgers (like the good Jewish girl I am) and time spent away from the CNN.

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