Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giorgio Armani's Face Fabric Is The Best Thing I've Ever Put On My Face

I mean this truly, and I have even been to the Dead Sea. Honestly, I've generally skeeved out by foundation. I think of cakey-to-flaky, scooped-and-glooped-on thick-ass make-up with the consistency of cake batter. I've steered clear of it for YEARS, only recently dipping my toe into the thin, trouble-free, cool waters of tinted moisturizers. Until I was sent Giorgio Armani's Face Fabric. I didn't think much of it at first and pretty much wrote it off, though I did note its gorgeous packaging -- a ribboned box that looked like a sunglasses case. Nice! But I thought why not and tested it out. Best. Beauty Decision. In Weeks.

Face Fabric is a semi-matte, almost traceless form of foundation that goes on smoothly and easily, doesn't get all over your hands, and blends into your face like a silky, soft little miracle, lovingly erasing any hangover, drama, or distress without screaming I'M OLLLLLLLD LIKE A LITTLE OLD LADY BEFORE MY TIME!

No lie, I got off a cross-country flight (I'd slept about three hours before getting on and didn't sleep at all during), washed my face, put this on, and when I got to work, a co-worker was like "did you really just get off a plane?? Really?" (Without me even prompting her!) My face just looked all refreshed and clear and lovely but not clogged and patchy and yucko. And, since we're sharing secrets, I sweat. A lot. And somehow, despite the fact that this stuff isn't thick at all, I don't sweat this off. MIRRRRACLE.

Now at $45, Face Fabric ain't recession-friendly. But I absolutely buy it when I run out, and I will cut back on toilet paper or something if need be. Especially with pretty-face fall coming, it'll be worth it.

And in other Armani Beauty news, I also tried out Giorgio Armani new Lip Wax in #5. Another product I thought I'd never end up using, and again, I was totally wrong. It's a lush, waxy (uh, hence the name), heavily pigmented (but not over the top), gorgeous lip stain, and I must agree with Musing of a Muse's expert assessment -- it's like MAC's Mattene but MUCH easier to use (I used Mattene once and once only and was like um nooo. I just couldn't work with it). I don't love applying with my finger (it's in a compact, no brush), but the it makes for better control. The result feels weightless but with powerful, obvious color. I've got really full lips, so I try to stay away from reds ("Here come Julie's lips!") but because this is so feathery with just a hint of shine, it's highly visible, but not red light district levels of obviousness. The #5, in "Cardinal Red," has a gorgeous screen siren effect, doesn't smear (!!!) and it stays on all day. Bonus heat!

They're $26 each -- again, not cheap, but for all the cash I've plunked down on on lip colors I've worn once or twice and then never again, it's fully worth it. Now I just wish I had every color. Le sigh!

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