Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two Things You Can Feel Free To Buy Me: Embroidered Chloe Bag, Lanvin Heels, 'Kay?

Are you feeling charitable? Did you perhaps steal tons of money from your place of business and are looking for a place to get rid of it?? Yes? Good then! Because I'm in the market for the following:
($490, Lanvin, Browns)
You'll sleep better knowing that:
a.) They're on sale
b.) I'll look smashing in them!
and c.) They're real real real!

($2064, Chloe, Browns)
We'll all sleep better at night knowing that I'm fashionably satisfied by this black leather Chloe bag with an embroidered base. And you? You'll be all comfy in your plush bed knowing you done a good good thing!

(Inquiries? Interested? Yah? Email me!)

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