Monday, September 22, 2008

Finding grey in the sunshine

The close up - Grey suede shoes from bstore, grey socks and navy wool trousers from uniqlo.

The British summer was something of a non entity and just as I was getting exciting about shopping for my autumnal look...the sun came out. The sun was so bright yesterday morning that it woke me up at 8:45, which is crazy early for me at the best of times, but on a Sunday...well that's just madness. It meant that I could enjoy the whole day but rather than reach for my shorts...I mean come on, it is mid September after I reached for different shades of grey.

Grey shirt and suede shoes from bstore, navy trousers and grey socks from uniqlo, Polaroid case bought from unsaleable

Why hello there Stevie!

Looking fly in the greys and blues. However, I have a challenge for you. Browsing your Flickr pics and thinking over your favourite outfits, I have noticed one thinking missing: colour! Other than your bright blue double breasted cardie, I rarely see you in any real amount of full-on (or even slightly muted) colour. I demand some more colourful outfits for autumn, both casual and work-wear. Consider this a challenge.


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