Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion War: PETA vs. DKNY and Vogue

The war, or shall I say the drama, between the fashion industry and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) still continues. Despite the fact that Donna Karan has promised to stop using fur in her designs in the past, PETA has learned that she continues to use and sell fur. PETA has asked Karan to join other top designers and retailers including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, and others who have already adopted permanent fur-free policies. To show that they are sincere with there campaign against DKNY, some of the PETA activists jumped into the runway flashing signs that says, "Donna: Dump Fur" near the end of the DKNY show for New York Fashion Week.

The Security immediately escorted the small group off the catwalk who continued the protest outside the show's tent with a bigger crowd dressed as animals covered in blood. They shouted: “Stop the insanity! No blood for vanity!” and “D-K-N-Y! How many animals have to die!”

It can be recalled that PETA was also angered by Vogue Paris when the magazine features Daria Werbowy wearing a fur coat in the cover for their August 2008 issue. Worst, the magazine also included images a fur-laden Raquel Zimmermann who flips the PETA protester with a sign that says, "Fur is Dead".

For sure, tons of tofu pies will be smacking on the faces of the fur-lover individuals. Just like what happened to Anna Wintour last 2005.


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