Thursday, September 25, 2008

'Life & Style' Mag's See By Chloe Day Tripper Bag Giveaway

WHY WHY WHY am I SO unselfish so as to SHARE a See By Chloe bag giveaway that I SO. OBVIOUSLY. DESERVE. TO WIN!?!?? WHY do I have to be SUCH an incredibly WARM AND GIVING human being? Ugh. Sometimes I just can't STAND how charitable I am.

Enter to win this AMAZORZ See By Chloe Day Tripper shoulder bag from Life & Style. It's worth a breezy seven fiddy if you wanna spring for it (for me) at Nordstrom! (And honestly, may I win the celeb-wuved bag, and you win, like, a free magazine subscription or something.)

Oh yeah, or you could just flat out BUY me this slightly similar CC Skye "Lucy" bag. It's $700 and it's TDF (TO DIE FOR), kittens! Plus, SEVERAL of didn't even THINK to get me a birthday present last month, and it was a big one, so here's your shot at redemption, mmmmkays?
($700, CC Skye, Active Endeavors)

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